Activity of equipment transfer or Body Swap involves the dismantling of the equipment off the old chassis-cab and subsequent reassembly on a new chassis-cab.

There are two types of Body Swap, the first one is quicker and is called "Refresh Pack", while the second one is more complete and is called "2nd Life Pack" and includes more important operations making the equipment "as good as new".

Refresh Pack

  • Preparation of the cabin
  • Dismantling of the equipment and circuits off the old cabin
  • Preparation of a new cabin for reinstallation of the equipment and circuits
  • Cabin set-up


2nd Life Pack

In addition to the above operations, if you opt for this complete package, the work that will be carried out is:

  • Sandblasting and repainting of the equipment
  • Refurbishment of the upper deck lifting systems
  • Installation of new electrical and hydraulic systems if necessary