This year, Rolfo Service will not offer a single day of discounts, but a whole week (from 22 to 26 November).

The formula will be the same as last year.

The Black Week discount percentage applies in addition to the standard discount.

The extra discount is proportionate to the amount of the spare parts order sent.

Next week you can get an extra discount of:

10% for orders up to € 2.000

18% for orders from € 2.001 to € 10.000

26% for orders over € 10.000


2nd life Auriga Deluxe

The second-hand vehicle was completely refurbished

The electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems have been checked and refurbished.

The platform lifting systems have been controlled, and all wearing components have been replaced. Completely overhauled suspension and braking mass.

Repair, painting and polish the external bodywork.